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How you use

How you use MEGAZORB will be determined by your management style, the type of box used and the habits of the animal in question.

Tehe following recommendations are base don real management progammes undertaken by horse owners who routinely use MEGAZORB.

  • Start with a completely clean stable
  • Place 6 or 7 bags of MEGAZORB in the stable (3x3 mtr.)
  • During the First week add a further bag of MEGAZORB.
  • Every week there after add half to one bag of MEGAZORB
  • Be prepared to remove solids daily (easly done with a shavings fork)
  • Remove very wet patches whilst leaving the bed untouched. If needed replace with fresch MEGAZRB.
  • If MEGAZORB becomes too dry it may need to dampened down using a watering can in order for it to work effectively,

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